In October 2007, in preparation for the archaeological excavation at South Adger’s Wharf, Katherine Saunders at the Historic Charleston Foundation created a pair of educational posters for the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force. These posters are intended for educational purposes only. They are NOT to be reproduced for resale without the expressed written permission of the creator.

MWCTF_educational_poster_1_thumbThe first poster presents an overview of the early colonial fortifications that stood in Charleston between the late 1690s and the early 1730s, and describes the history and purpose of the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force. You can download a 1.2 MB PDF file of this poster by clicking this link: Educational Poster 1.

mwctf_educational_poster_2_thumb.jpgThe second poster focuses on the brick redan at the east end of Tradd Street (now South Adger’s Wharf) and the related structures built around it during the colonial era, including the Lower Market and the city’s first Exchange and Court Room. You can download a 1.1 MB PDF file of this poster by clicking this link: Educational Poster 2.

saw_educationa_panels.jpgIf you visited the site of the South Adger’s Wharf archaeological dig in January 2008, you saw these two posters mounted on weather-proof boards along East Bay Street. If you didn’t have a chance to visit the site during the dig, we hope these posters help you understand the historical context of that project in particular and of the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force in general.

In the future, we plan to develop other posters covering the later fortifications erected in Charleston between the 1735 and 1780. Stay tuned!

One Response to “Educational Posters”

  1. Gloria B. Jenkins Says:

    I just found the website today as a result of the article on the op-ed page of the Post and Courier. I really wish we had seen more of this information in the paper or on the news.

    Very interesting work! I regret that it all has to be covered up again, though.

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