It’s been more than week since the conclusion of the archaeological dig at South Adger’s Wharf, but we’re still not finished with this story. There are several developments that I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention.

First, the Charleston Post and Courier has just published a long editorial piece written by the co-chairs of the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force, Joseph H. McGee and Katherine Saunders, “Walled City Task Force Hopes to Continue Excavations.” This article provides the public with a good overview of the history and goals of the Task Force, and succinctly explains the significance of the recent archaeology at South Adger’s Wharf. Such media exposure is undoubtedly a boon to our efforts.

saw_post-dig.jpg Second, the dig site at South Adger’s Wharf now looks exactly like it did the day before we started our recent excavations (see “Archaeology Begins Tomorrow“). The laborious task of replacing the cobblestones will begin any day now, but in the meantime it’s a bittersweet experience to walk past the now-vacant site, as I have done several times in the past few days.

Third, I want to remind everyone that the Walled City Task Force will be presenting a public program at the Charleston County Public Library on Wednesday, January 30th, at 7:00 p.m. We’ll provide a historical overview of the redan and the Lower Market that once occupied the land at South Adger’s Wharf, and archaeologists Martha Zierden and Eric Poplin will be on hand to explain what was found.