Many in Charleston have heard members of the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force talk enthusiastically about the anticipated archaeology at South Adger’s Wharf. Yes, funds have been made available to initiate that work, a team has been assembled, and detailed plans have been formed. But, alas, no earth has yet been turned. The work that was tentatively proposed to commence in mid-October has been repeatedly nudged back from week to week as the contractors and subcontractors working on the adjacent utility project have worked diligently to complete their final tasks. The final clean-up of their site is nearly finished, however, and will soon leave only the asphalt blacktop at South Adger’s Wharf–the proposed dig site–to be removed. The holiday season is now upon us, though, rendering it nearly impossible to muster and the necessary forces to start the dig and to sustain the momentum required to complete it. In short, the postponement continues.

After weighing the factors, the powers-that-be have agreed that we will earnestly plan to commence the archaeological dig at South Adger’s Wharf in early January. This final delay will allow the various contractors time to fulfill their obligations and will permit the Walled City Task Force and its volunteers to disperse for the usual holiday festivities. This dig is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we can easily wait a few more weeks. Come January, however, we hope you’ll put on your caps and scarves and join us for what will surely be a remarkable discovery process!