This Thursday, October 18th, you’re invited to join members of the Walled City Task Force and the Young Advocates of the Historic Charleston Foundation for a fun and educational evening. It’s time for the autumn “Walk the Walls” event, and the weather should be just right for a bit of history, food, drink, music, and conversation under the stars in Charleston. Come join us at 40 East Bay Street at 6:00 p.m. for a self-paced stroll along the path of Charleston’s early defensive walls. At significant points along the way, you’ll meet interpreters who’ll help breath life into the history of that site. We’ll finish the evening off with dinner and music harbor-side at the Missroon House, where you’ll have a chance to chat with other “walled city” enthusiasts. Besides having a great time, you’ll be contributing to the Task Force’s preservation efforts.

I hope to see you there!